The Dreaming Tree

In November of 2017, Trent and Alice presented their collaborative work,

the Dreaming Tree, at the Salt Lake Illuminate festival.

In November of 2017, we presented the Dreaming Tree interactive illuminated sculpture at the Salt Lake Illuminate Festival. Modeled after our interactive altar for the 2016 Element 11 festival Temple of Awakening, the Dreaming Tree invited participants to write their dreams down on wooden stars and use them to adorn the chain swags between the Tree’s branches.

The installation was wildly popular, and we ran out of stars on the second night! Participants improvised of their own accord, using paper from a sketchbook we’d left behind as an adjunct to the wooden stars, in case anyone had had a more lengthy dream they’d cared to share.

After the festival concluded, we took all the stars down and photographed them – all the dreams are recorded here. On the summer solstice of 2018 we burned them at a small gathering, sending everyone’s dreams back to the warm embrace of the Cosmos.

Dreaming tree setting


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