glamour shots

A couple of years ago, we were both in a much darker place, and I (Alice) was pretty ill. As part of the recovery process from that in September 2018 we decided to do a photo shoot with a professional photographer friend of ours—after starting weight training, Trent was looking pretty fly for a 53 year old guy, and to be honest I just needed to know I could look good and appear healthy again, even if I wasn’t yet feeling the best all the time. Brett did an amazing job—so great, I decided to do it again in December 2019, only this time with a wig and glamour makeup. Day to day I never bother with makeup, and certainly not with sequined dresses (in fact I’m often mistaken for a man, which amuses me greatly), so it was a lot of fun to step into a different persona and see the results on film. The shoot also provided me with a great marker for perspective on my healing process, because I felt WAY better this time around. For anyone recovering from chronic illness, I’d recommend having some awesome photos taken of yourself once in a while. It continues to help me so much to be able to see myself as a fabulous creature who deserves to feel great every day, no matter how my body is feeling or what the mirror might have told me that morning.