Participatory Art

Dragon Wyrm Forest at Dreamscapes, Salt Lake City, November 2019-present

Dreamscapes is an immersive art experience created largely from recycled, repurposed, reclaimed or thrifted materials. People entering the Dragon room are asked a question – “What do you wish you had the courage to do?” – then they’re invited to walk a labyrinth painted on the floor while they give the subject a little thought. When the reach the Dragon’s head, they can write their answer on a tag and tie it to the Dragon, or to the chains strung around him. 

The Heart's Desire, Illuminate festival, Salt Lake City, November 2018

We built this painted arch for the festival, and Trent hand-forged the steel chain that people hung their “heart’s desires” on. 

The Dreaming Tree, Illuminate festival, Salt Lake City, November 2017

Based off the altar design for the 2016 Element 11 Temple of Awakening, the Dreaming Tree asked people to share their dreams on little star-shaped wooden tokens. We released the dreams in a burn barrel on the summer solstice 2018. 

The Green Duck, Burning Man, Salt Lake City and Black Rock City, summer 2007



People from all over the world sent in messages written on cloth “feathers” for the Duck, and we hosted a little party to help fill it out before taking it to the playa.