The Roots Network

Welcome to the legacy of an immersive art experience, presented for nine months at Dreamscapes in Salt Lake City, Utah.

60,000 visitors participated in building out an extraordinary and interactive series of rooms.

The Roots Network, a cave-like environment built largely of recyclables or salvaged materials, contained various underground-dwelling critters and exotic fungi nestled within an array of tree roots and mycelium (the root network of mushrooms). As participants wandered through the caverns, they encountered three wise toads who asked them questions and invited them to write their answers on a recycled cardboard tag and add them to the network.

The esteemed Dr. P. Emerson Daghandler introduced us to the Roots Network at the beginning of its run:


This first friendly toad wants to know what makes you feel creative. Ask yourself:

(1) What’s your favorite MUSIC, GAME or SHOW?

(2) What do you want to MAKE?

(3) Who INSPIRES you?


This second toad loves to fly, and wants to know what uplifts you. Ask yourself:

(1) What makes your spirit SOAR?

(2) WHO gives your soul wings?

(3) Where are you HAPPY?

BUFO (BOO-foe)

The third and last toad is visiting us from the future, and wants to know what you want your future to be. Ask yourself:

(1) What do you want to BE when you grow up?

(2) What kind of ANCESTOR are you?

(3) What is your LEGACY?

We have collected every single tag, all 60,000 inspirations. They are not lost; they will live on as…


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The Roots Network, brought to you by Toler Arts and Dreamscapes