Welcome to the Roots Network


Nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City’s Dreamscapes immersive art experience,

this series of rooms invites your participation.

The art isn’t done until you’ve contributed to it!

As you enter the Roots Network, you’ll find various underground-dwelling critters and an array of exotic fungus. The roots of trees and plants, and mycelium—the root network of mushrooms—provide many places to hide. Three wise toads inhabit these caverns, and if you seek them out each will ask you an array of questions. Answer any or all of them on the tags provided, or bring in your own tag or picture to add to the Roots.

Let Dr. P. Emerson Dåghandler of the University of Queen Maud Land guide you through the Network!


This first friendly toad wants to know what makes you feel creative. Ask yourself:

(1) What’s your favorite MUSIC, GAME or SHOW?

(2) What do you want to MAKE?

(3) Who INSPIRES you?


This second toad loves to fly, and wants to know what uplifts you. Ask yourself:

(1) What makes your spirit SOAR?

(2) WHO gives your soul wings?

(3) Where are you HAPPY?

BUFO (BOO-foe)

The third and last toad is visiting us from the future, and wants to know what you want your future to be. Ask yourself:

(1) What do you want to BE when you grow up?

(2) What kind of ANCESTOR are you?

(3) What is your LEGACY?

Come down to Dreamscapes and hang a tag in person, or you can mail your tag in and we’ll hang it for you.

Don’t forget to take a picture of it and #rootsnetworkslc and #dreamscapesslc!

Mail tags to:

663 West 100 South
Salt Lake City
Utah 84104

The Roots Network, brought to you by Toler Arts and Dreamscapes