The Temple of Awareness

In 2017 the Utah Builders Community brought the Temple of Awareness to Burning Man. I’ll let the video tell the story. 

The Temple of Awakening

In 2016 I designed the Temple of Awakening for the Utah Burning Man regional event, Element 11. It was to be a proof of concept for a larger temple to be brought out to Burning Man the following year. We had a successful build and a beautiful burn. This is one of the projects I am proudest of, and it was a privilege to be part of the crew for this. 

The Twelvefold Temple of the Cosmos

2015 was a particular year at Element 11, Utah’s Burning Man regional event. We’d had a huge tragedy the year before, when a man had committed suicide by running into our effigy fire, and the community was still reeling. Bobby Gittins approached me to design a special Temple for the following year, and this is what we built. It was inspired both by the structure of a lotus flower, and by the design of Gothic cathedrals. 


The Release Burn

December 2014. 

This wasn’t a Temple proper, but it was the first build we made as a community after the tragedy of Element 11 2014. Trent and I felt very strongly that we all needed a chance to get together and release some of the trauma we’d all suffered, so I designed a small structure—a big fancy bonfire, really—and we organized a winter solstice gathering in Kanab, Utah, to burn it. Participants could write on the structure and put items in it to burn.